Strength & Fitness Classes

Group classes offered Monday – Friday.  These high-intensity workouts will help you attain better results in less time.  Every class is led by a qualified trainer. All workouts are adaptable to any fitness level. These classes use a highly-varied combination of weighted and non-weighted movements.

On-Ramp (Beginner’s) Classes

Introductory classes to teach you proper form and technique for all movements and lifts used in our Strength & Fitness and BootCamp classes.  The trainer will assess your overall fitness and mobility level and adapt workouts for you and ramp up those workouts as you progress to prepare you for our Strength & Fitness and BootCamp classes. Morning, evening and Saturday sessions are available.

Master’s classes

30-minute classes for those who are just getting started or for those age 55+ who want to take things a little slower.  You will learn correct form and technique and a workout with every session.

Boot Camp

These classes use body weight movements as well a light weights for a total body workout. Adaptable to all ability levels.

One-on-one Private Personal Training Available

Couples Private Personal Training Available

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